Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Shocking Revelation in True ID of Lady Wendi Deng Murdoch

The entire media world is enthusiastically hailing about an eye-catching “heroic performance” inside the British Parliament by “Tiger Lady” Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch of Chinese origin, 42, for her “swift”, “fearless”, and “protective” jump and palm-attack accurately at the back-skull of that action journalist to showcase her “heroic” “defense” of her husband Rupert Murdoch, the world’s most powerful, influential and infamous media mogul, who is in passing age as of her grandfather’s. The media of the People’s Republic under the total control of Chinese Communist Party also joined this world’s well orchestrated hysteria chanting such an “instinctive” tiger jumping, which has overshadowed the main theme: how much freedom and professional ethics being left for “free press” in the West Hemisphere under the watchful spying surveillance offered to nerve-breaking, already-self-disciplined journalists by the hybrid of sex-marital union of Rupert-Wendi, of the democratic West and the totalitarian East, the age of 90s and the age of 40s.

True, the misled and lost media industry on this hemisphere, being drowned by public indignation for its scandal of Watergate type of much greater magnitude does need some colorful fancy stuff to shift the heart of the gravity, the center of public attention. Lady Wendi Deng has apparently offered such a fancy stuff at perfect timing, and right place, at certain risk, if any. Unfortunately, all these excited commentators and audiences have simply ignored a tiny discouraging secret revealed by Lady Deng’s perfectly performed professional“reaction” of professional hit-woman type:

What maketh Lady Wendi Deng act so quickly, so professionally to shove off her husband’s attacker with such a prompt, accurate, and powerful palm hit at the attacker’s back skull, several times faster than any professionally trained bodyguards and security personnel, within a fraction of seconds. Viewing the video tape repeatedly several times, one has to admire, from bottom of heart, Lady Wendi Deng’s action performance, it was so swift, so resolute, so coordinated, without any slight unnecessary or wasteful body movement. Such an action motion simply reveals nothing, but a well trained professional hit-person, who has experienced systematic lengthy, tough torturing professional military spying training is able to act in such a perfect, spotless physical performance.

The excited commentators and audiences, while widely opening their two pieces of always-ready lips loudly hailing at high pitch for Lady Deng’s heroic “defense of her partner”, have simply ignored a tiny discouraging fact that since such a hybrid sex-marital union was formed in 1999, with or without such notorious scandal of secret hacking, everything in leading/misleading the public opinion starting from editorial policy towards totalitarian People’s Republic, under the grip of Murdoch Media Empire has been gradually changed for the benefits of dictators, at the crippling cost of free mankind. Therefore, what has been blindly ignored behind Lady Deng’s swift palm assault is a topnotch, seamlessly perfect public relation masterpiece in such a “sweet union” that has moved the whole world towards the direction of corruption, collective guilt and finally, demise, at such an insignificant cost. Such a artistic PR masterpiece may have well dwarfened any similar projects from former KGB headquarter.

Tracing back the root cause of“romance” between Wendi and Rupurt, you may feel even more shocked with the following revelations:

The couple’s first few “accidental” encounters happened at the first class airplane, which was eastbound to Hong Kong, next to that already-media mogul Mr. Rupert Mordoch, sitting was Ms. Wenge* Deng, a freshly Yale Business School graduate who flew to HK for job interview. It is rare that a graduate student from then foreign currency tight developing country would purchase a first class ticket for a job interview, without a special pre-arrangement by certain mystery back-up operation, much less to be arranged to sit next to such a fearful media tycoon.

I myself (Gang Liu), as a famous Chinese dissident, have been fell in similar beauty spy traps which was carefully set up by the Chinese Military Agency. On June 7th, 2007, a beautiful young Chinese lady Ms. G approached me through Internet and asked me to meet her in Philadelphia. After several hours meeting on June 9th, 2007, she asked me to have a quick marriage with her. She told me she was graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University, which is a normal Chinese school. Two years later, I found that she was graduated from Shanghai Second MILITARY Medical University, which is a high profile military school! Not only that, she was selected to be trained as a special secret agent and skipped most of her classes in the military school. I happened found her military background, which is an extremely "privacy" of the Chinese military officer. Then she tried all of her methods to kill me. She has put me into the American prisons 3 times through false accusation! She has excellent spy skills. For example, after 3 meetings with Mr. Robert Bernstein, the founder of the Human Rights Watch and the Chairman of the Human Rights In China, she easily had Mr. Bernstein to work for the Chinese Government, and Bernstein even invited her to be the Executive Director of the Human Rights In China! Mr. Bernstein has already introduced Ms. G to some high profile VIPs, including the President of the Atlantic Foundation, Ford Foundation, the President of the PEN America, as well as several partners of Warren Buffett. Now, Ms. G is targeting at Warren Buffett. All these VIPs are people who are targets of the Chinese military agencies!

Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch has quite similar pattern with my wife Ms. G: both of them are graduates from Medical Universities in China. Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch claimed she graduated from Guangzhou Medical University. Like Ms. G, Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch could also omitted the key word of her school: Military. She could be a graduate of the Guangzhou First Military Medical University, which is another high profile military school in China! Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch has been targeting at Mr. Murdoch, while Ms. G is targeting at Mr. Warren Buffett! Once they marry these High profile VIPs, the Chinese Military
will control them and used them to control media or the finance in western countries. And the Chinese Military Agencies can easily expand and install their spy tools, including the "phone hacking", "Cyber Attacks", etc. I don't think the Phone Hacking can bring any benefits to Mr. Murdoch or a his News Media empire. The only agency would be interested in such kind "phone hacking" is spy agency, especially the Chinese military agency!

A big harvest season has long been waiting for the Fifth Brigade here, while all those well trained hit-persons, particularly hit-women, will finally be surfacing. This will definitely not be a desirous picture of beauty. May Lord Bless us all.

Jointly by Gang Liu and Thomas W. Yale

* Before changing her first name into “Wendi”, Mrs. Wendi Deng Murdoch’s first name was “Wenge”. “Wenge” in Chinese language normally means that mass-murderous “Cultural Revolution”.

** We hid the name of Liu Gang's wife to avoid any lawsuit or any "unrestricted war" against Mr. Liu.

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